Published on 22 June 2007
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Environmental Education and Responsibility

by Nina GREGG
Associated Central Topics: Environment and responsibility .
Associated General Topics: Environment . Environmental education .

The Charter of Human Responsibilities has been used effectively in several countries (among them Brazil, India, Greece and New Zealand) to promote reflection and action on environmental protection, conservation and sustainability.

We are preparing to work with several schools and environmental education centers to introduce the Charter and the concept of responsibility as tools for environmental education. In November, Nina Gregg (US Charter Committee Coordinator) and Rachel Trajber (member of the Brazilian Charter Committee) will lead a workshop at the 2007 annual conference of the North American Association of Environmental Educators-. The workshop, “Hands-on environmental education: mobilizing human responsibility for sustainability “ will offer participants a hands-on experience using the concept of responsibility and the Charter as tools for environmental education. The workshop will make use of the Brazil model as well as other materials developed by Charter projects around the world. We will encourage participants to adopt and adapt these materials to their own classrooms and contexts.


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