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Indian Children Charter of Human Responsibilities

Associated Central Topics: Environment and responsibility . Culture of responsibility .
Associated General Topics: Children . Environment . Social responsibility .

Activity – Horlicks wizkids Workshop–Report -2007

“Responsibilities start with ME and continue (flourish) in WE”
“Inform, Include and Implement”

We are students from 27 cities across India, selected from Horlicks WizKids contest 2007. We have come together on a common platform with a common aim of helping our country face the challenges of the 21st century and hope to live in a happy & sustainable society. This Charter on Human Responsibilities (Social, Environmental and Educational) that we have compiled, state some of the responsibilities and actions that we promise to take forward.

We are therefore assuming the following responsibilities:


01. Eradication of Poverty
We will motivate school managements and the government to promote skill based training activities relevant to local job opportunities. We will initiate a self help revolution through this.

02. Establishing equal society
We will respect and recognize the cultural diversity in our society. We will discourage discrimination on the basis of caste, religion and gender. We promise to recognize and endeavor to promote a multi-diversity society in all its variegated forms. In day-to-day life We will equally respect and treat all persons irrespective of caste, creed, religion, gender or social status in every situation.

03. Promotion of health, hygiene and sanitation
We will ensure that public health is given priority, by educating and creating awareness in the schools and in our neighborhoods and influencing policy at a national level. We will use various mediums like theatre, posters, workshops etc to teach basic health and hygiene. We will carry out door to door awareness campaigns during summer when epidemics are rampant and teach them how to take preliminary measures to mitigate them & also to educate them about free vaccination program.

04. Upholding of moral, ethical and patriotic values
We will stay true to our roots and always endorse the various moral values like compassion, truth, non-violence, honesty, and integrity. We pledge to respect our national symbols and remember every freedom fighter with respect and gratitude.

05. Safe guarding against Child Labor
We will inform the authorities of instances of child labor. We understand that children work for a source of income, so we do not disagree to the employment of children as domestic help. On the provision that they are in a secure environment, their emotional and physical moral well being are take care of. We will conduct evening classes for such children so as to hasten their rehab.

06. Protection and promotion of indigenous and traditional products (Swadeshi)
We will make use of “swadeshi” products to the maximum. We will respect, encourage and promote our rich and diversified indigenous cultures and art forms by introducing them to our education programs. We will make it our responsibility to preserve our heritage sites by all means.

07. Show compassion and concern for homeless, aged and handicapped
We will help every aged and especially disabled person where ever our assistance is required, such as crossing the road, offering our seats in the bus, etc. We will visit old age homes, centers for the handicapped and the destitute and will spend quality time and provide comfort to these people.

08. Fighting injustice and oppression
We will not tolerate injustice or bias inflicted upon any living being. We will strive to curtail psychological, intellectual, social and economic oppression. We will educate whoever is concerned towards the prevention of female infanticide and foeticide, and the practice of dowry. We will discourage physical, psychological and moral exploitation of children, women and marginalized people.

09. Promote honesty to eradicate corruption
We pledge to use our rights such as the Right to Information Act to check on the unscrupulous activities of the Government officials or any decision maker to fight corruption.


We will respect and protect our Earth Mother, as we have evolved from her, by assuming and implementing the following responsibilities:

01. Protection of endangered species
We will raise awareness about and protect the endangered species. We will, through our Environmental Clubs, create shelters, initiate private and public institutions in charge of the protection of the same and help to monitor them. We will respect and promote laws and regulations regarding species at risk.

02. Conservation of Bio-Diversity
We will respect all forms of Life. We will plant and nurture different varieties of trees & plants, vegetable gardens in our houses and schools. We will question residential area plans that are adverse to the habitats of species at risk in any form. We will augment efforts to prevent deforestation and will take the necessary steps to shape healthy spaces through afforestation by creation of herbariums etc.

03. Maintenance of the Environment, Preservation of Natural Resources
We will incorporate the 5Rs Refuse, Reduce, Reuse, Recycle and Recover into our daily routine for a clean and better environment. Reduce the amount of waste, what we cannot reduce we should try to Reuse. Materials that cannot be reused should be recycled. Recover energy from wastes within the limits of individual action and encourage industries to develop technologies to implement the same on a large scale. We shall consume less and buy from companies that are involved in protecting the environment, and reduce the use of Plastic to the bare necessity. We will not litter in public places, We will segregate waste at home into dry, wet, bio degradable and non biodegradable & e-wastes. We will discourage the use of plastic bags. In certain inevitable circumstances (as in carrying meat) We will use only bags with thickness of more than 20 microns.

04. Reduction of pollution –air, water and soil & Protection of the Ozone layer
We will voice our opinion against the devastating pollution of air, water and soil, and encourage alternative energies. We will implement solid waste management and wastewater treatment in schools and houses, while inviting industries to adapt similar solutions on a larger scale. We will walk, ride a bicycle, or take public transportation to school or use eco-friendly vehicles in order to minimize the greenhouse effect. We will try our best to catalyze the recovery of the ozone layer by limiting the use of devices like that cause harm to the ozone layer by emitting CFC’s.

05. Promotion of Sustainable Development
We will promote the construction of Green Buildings, promote rainwater harvesting, encourage organic agriculture by avoiding inconsiderate use of pesticides and chemical fertilizers. We will campaign that for every tree felled for so called developmental reasons a sapling should be planted in return. We pledge to be more vigilant as far as our ethical awareness as consumers is concerned.

06. Disaster Risk Management
We will insist to be more properly informed and educated about natural disasters. We vow to take the appropriate initiatives to bring relief and practical assistance to the victims of natural disasters. We will avoid any form of behavior or commitment that could directly or indirectly disturb the environment’s equilibrium.

07. Conserving Energy through alternative energy sources
Fully aware of the impending threat of global warming, We will take measures to curtail further damage by adopting measures such as replacing incandescent bulbs with CFLs, turn off computers and lights when not in use, Carpooling and periodic maintenance of vehicles. We will appoint ourselves as “Energy Managers” in our homes, schools and monitor the use of electricity.

08. Adoption of abandoned animals
We will adopt stray animals’ especially stray dogs, get them vaccinated, feed and take care of them.

09. Creating Awareness about changing life styles
We will change our own life style by stop eating junk food and also create awareness amongst people about current environmental problems linked to changing life styles and will do our level best to convince them to shift to better life styles such as consumption of organic food, regular exercise etc.


01. Eradication of illiteracy
We will take measures relating to free and compulsory education to all children below the age of 14, and monitor the effective implementation of government programs such as mid-day meals to students, which encourage attendance in our schools. We will assist under privileged children in our neighborhoods to learn by adopting ‘Each one teaches one’.

02. Make best u Make best use of Education to broaden sensibilities and awareness
We will use the education imparted to us in our day-to-day life to influence others positively and to help effectively the growth of awareness on various actions for the sustainable human development and the harmonious management of the environment.

03. Tapping talents
We will provide opportunities to under privileged children in order to develop their talents and display them through contests, fundraiser exhibitions etc. Proceeds from sales of these items shall be used to open a savings account for these children.

04. Imparting soft skills
We will impart soft skills such as communication, interpersonal skills, mannerisms etc by training children based on our area’s of expertise and practical relevance.

05. Adult literacy and higher education
We will not limit ourselves to primary education but will encourage higher education through career camps, provision of scholarships etc. We will introduce a parent-child program wherein both parent and child can learn together in order to promote adult literacy.

You can download the Indian Children Charter of Human Responsibilities below.

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