Published on 7 January 2005
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Painting Messages for the Earth

Associated Central Topics: Art and responsibility .
Associated General Topics: Art . Environment .

Co-sponsored with the Center for Positive Futures, the Painting Messages for the Earth was undertaken with the participation of the Department of Education and the public schools in San Mateo and Montalban in Rizal, a province adjacent to Metropolitan Manila.

46 schoolchildren from fifteen schools participated in a painting and slogan contest was held March 22, 2004 in Villa Milagros, Montalban. Winners of the contest joined the Summer Nature Camp held April 14-16, 2004 at Lucban, Quezon.

The contest and camp program involved a discussion of responsibilities of children to the environment through different teaching and learning strategies. The Charter itself was disseminated among the participants, their parents, teachers and the administrative officials of the participating schools.

Project Report on the Painting and Slogan Contest


The Painting Messages for the Earth was conceptualized as a program to promote the concept of responsibility and the Charter of Human Responsibilities. It was primarily undertaken to create awareness on our responsibility towards the world, the environment in particular. Funded by the Alliance for a Responsible, Plural and United World, it was co-sponsored by the Center for Positive Futures, Inc. (CPFI) to involve as many graduating Grade VI students from both the public and private schools.

The project invited all schools through their principal to send at least one participant for each contest category – the Slogan contest and Painting contest. Aside from the elementary schools, both the public high schools of San Mateo and Montalban were invited to send first and second year students to participate in the said contest. Thirty six students signified their intention to join the contest. On the side of the Center for Positive Futures, Inc., ten (10) slots were allotted from all year level to participate in this contest.

Contest Proper

The contest was held at Villa Milagros last March 22, 2004. The program was attended by the school representatives and their coaches, CPF staff, teachers, and Board of Trustees and invited guest and judges. The program formally started at nine thirty in the morning with the invocation led by Marilen Juntado, Officer-in-Charge of Montalban school. It was followed by an orientation on the schools’ vision, mission and goals and a discussion on the Charter of Human Responsibilities. This was done by Ms. Fleur de Lys Cupino, Executive Directress of the school. Councilor Dullas from the municipal council of the city of Montalban who was the guest speaker expressed appreciation on the schools’ program thrust and project on environmental responsibility, which she claimed complement the Local Government Unit’s.

After the orientation on the contest mechanics, the participants were given one (1) hour and a half to complete their work. All contest entries were placed in the hall for final judging.

The judges who were invited for the painting contest are: Ms. Eden Ocampo, a freelance artist, Mr. Sanchez of the Municipality of Montalban. The slogan contest judges on the other hand were Ms. Heidi Paz of the Rural Bank of Montalban, Ms. Virtudes Bobis, Finance Officer of CPFI, and Ms. Fleur de Lys Cupino, Executive Direstress CPF.

The criteria for judging used are originality – 30%, Creativity – 30%, Presentation – 25% and time management – 5%. Adjudged winners are:

Number Name of Participant School
1 Jojiliza L. Grimio San Mateo National High School
2 Jose Marie C. Arcaydo San Mateo National High School
3 Jonathan D. Fajardo Maly Elementary School
4 Irish Patricia Cruz Eulogio Rodriguez Elementary School
5 Bryan Glen S Orgas Christian Care Academy
6 Paul Andrew Vito San Mateo National High School
7 Mark Anthony P. Pellobello Burgos Elemenary School
8 Sarah Andrea B, Viana San Mateo National High School
9 Julie Ana S. de Jose Justice Vicente Elementary School
10 Jessica L. Mariano Burgos Elementary School Unit I
11 Paul Adrian A. Pangan San Mateo Elementary School
12 France Domingo Burgos Elementary School
13 Lianne Macasinag Center for Positive Futures-San Mateo
14 Angelo Avelar Center for Positive Futures-Montalban
15 Dulce Castro Center for Positive Futures-San Mateo

Slogan Contest

Number Name of Participant School
1 Jumar A. Bartolome Maly Elementary School
2 Maricirs Dado Center for Positive Futures-San Mateo
3 Raymark Sunga Guitnang Bayan Elementary School
4 Daniel Biglangawa Burgos Elementary School
5 Kevin M. Resurreccion San Mateo Elementary School
6 Lindsay Jasmine Burgos Elementary School
7 Lorena Muerto Center for Positive Futures-Montalban

The awarding of certificates and tokens for the students and the school were given by Ms. Fleur de Lys C. Cupino and Ms. Chit Bobis – members of the CPF Board of Trustees. The students were given Certificates of Participation and a mug with personalized painting while the participating school was given a plant – a token of appreciation for participating and sending their representatives to the contest. It was also announced that winners prize is a slot in the Nature Camp at Lukban Quezon scheduled April 14-16, 2004.

The closing remarks was given by Ms. Chit Bobis who expressed gratitude to all participants for their continuing involvement and participation in the activity. It was also reiterated that the school intends to have other activities that would encourage student and community involvement and the hope that it would get the same positive response. With that note, the program was formally ended.


Painting Messages

Painting Messages

Painting Messages

Painting Messages

Summer Nature Camp

Summer Nature Camp

Summer Nature Camp

Summer Nature Camp

Summer Nature Camp, Lucban

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