Published on 24 July 2006
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2nd World Forum on Human Rights

Discrimination and Diversity – Economic Globalisation and Human Rights - Responsibilities and Solidarities

A World Forum on Human Rights took place from July 10 to 13, 2006, for the second time. The first edition of such an event took place in 2004. Given its success, the City of Nantes decided to organize it again, with the collaboration of several local communities as well as regional and national institutions.

The Forum gathered close to one thousand people.

The Foundation Charles Léopold Mayer (FPH), partner and financer of the process of the Charter of Human responsibilities, has participated in the preparatory phases of the Forum. It had especially insisted on the fact that we could not approach the question of effectiveness of the economic, social and cultural rights without approaching at the same time the question of responsibility of the different actors in the implementation of these rights. Following this first preparatory dialogue, it was decided that one of the three working axes of the world forum would be: "responsibilities and solidarities ".

The coordinator of the Charter International Committee, Edith Sizoo, as well as a group of partners of the process, actively participated in this topical axis on Responsibility.

This forum allowed to valorize the ongoing activities on the concept of responsibility on the one hand, by diffusing and putting into debate the Charter of Human Responsibilities, and on the other hand to enrich the exchanges and networks, thanks to the involvement of various alliances of socio-professional citizens founded on the responsibility assumed by every sector next to the whole society. About fifteen citizens’ alliances partners were therefore present in Nantes: representatives of the Army, journalists, youth, farmers, executives, jurists, religious people, academics, networks of fair socio-economy and migrants.

The team of partners worked especially (as facilitators and participants of round tables and/or intervening parties in plenaries) on the following themes: responsibilities of the medias; responsibility of the academics; responsibility of the Army; religions facing rights and responsibilities; private enterprises, rights and responsibilities; right to water, responsibility of the actors; cultural diversity, cultural rights and responsibility.

For more of information, feel free to visit the official web site of the Forum, where you can already read the reports of each of the three topical axes of the forum:


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